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Imagine, you have got the ring on your finger, you have cut the cake, laughed and cried to the speeches and then danced the night away so your feet are killin' you, and then its time to say your goodbyes to all your family and friends that have celebrated your special day with you. But wait! You want to go out with a bang don't you, your exit should be as thoughtful and amazing as your entrance was. Here are some fantastic ideas how you can achieve the send off you both deserve.
A magical sparkler send off has to be one of the most popular ways to exit your wedding day. Set a time you would like to leave and choose a designated area for your wedding guests to make a walkway for you to make your exit. Maybe the groomsmen or ushers could organise this for you. Be sure to have water and sand buckets on stand by, to put out the sparklers when they are finished.
There are plenty of fun photo opportunities with sparklers to be had, get your bridal party to join in to help create the magic.
Sky Lanterns
Enjoy a special moment of calm at the end of your wedding day by lighting sky lanterns (or Chinese lanterns) for your guests and let them go altogether, they will look amazing in the night sky all lit up like stars as they drift away.
Make sure to have plenty of lighters on hand so you can light everyones quickly.
Fireworks are if you are looking to go out with that bang we was talking about! They make for a dramatic and special send off, and are a wonderful crowd pleaser that is very entertaining for your guests to enjoy before they go home.
Glow Sticks
If your looking for something a little less traditional, glow sticks are a fabulous alternative. The variety of colours and neon light they create will make for some fun photos when you leave for your exit. Let guests create a walkway and they can wave them to make the pathway glow.
Smoke Bombs
A very modern take on a wedding exit, just love this idea, you can buy them in all different colours to suit your theme, pop them yourself to leave a smoke trail behind and when it clears you'll both be gone, on to your next adventure!
Confetti & Glitter
If the thought of confetti being thrown at your beautiful dress at the start of the day feels you with dread, you may want to comprise with it being thrown at you for your wedding exit instead. A perfect time to not be worrying about your dress and just enjoy it! 
I hope I have inspired you with these wonderful ideas for exiting your day. They are all very achievable wherever you are getting married and will all make the impact you want are hoping for.
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