How to Make a Floral Buttonhole

Rea Shaw floral buttonhole step by step guide tuturial

Making your own wedding buttonholes for your bridal party for your wedding day is easier than you think, yes really!! If you are on a tight budget and have a few helpers then this step by step guide for how to make them will come in handy.
Step 1.
Gather your supplies.
You will need
- Scissors
- Ribbon
- Floral Tape
Step 2.
Place a leaf in the palm of your hand without the stalk. This is your base layer.
Step 3.
Place delicate foliage such as baby's breath on top of the leaf. These will act as your background.
Step 4.
Place your flower on top of both the leaf and decorative foliage. This is you main focus point of the buttonhole.
Step 5.
With your fingers pinch the bottom layers of the leaf, foliage and flower to hold them together.
Step 6 & 7.
Wrap green floral tape around all your stems, whilst holding tightly together.
Step 8 & 9.
Use your scissors to cut the stems at your desired length.
Step 10.
Wrap pretty ribbon neatly round the stem and finish with securing the bottom with a pin or better still clear hot glue.
There you see, now you have a pretty little buttonhole, handmade by you, well done!
If you would like some pretty little name tags to finish your creations so each guest can select their own flower on the day then you can find these ones here.

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