10 Tips for choosing your Seating Plan

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on February 22 2019

Organising your seating plan for the wedding is possibly one of the most stressful things to get right for the day, with guests dropping out last minute and family fall outs, there's so much to think about. So I'm here to help inject some calm into the situation for a stress free plan.
Plan Ahead
Start figuring out where you want everyone to sit, straight away. If you have an idea it won't be such a rush once the RSVP's come back to you. You can always edit it, but will get you on your way, as you will have family and wedding party members who you know will definitely be coming.
Check the Venue
Make sure you know the amount of room you have, the size of the tables, the shape of the tables and how many guests they seat. The last thing you want is everyone sat too close and uncomfortable to each other.
Earlier RSVP's
 My top tip for you is, don't have your RSVP date too close to your wedding day. Just because your venue does not need the guest numbers and meal choices till a certain day, doesn't mean you have to wait till then to get your replies. You will have the seating plan to organise so will need plenty of time to get it made. The last thing you want is to be chasing guests response's because you realise it's getting awfully close.
Mix up your guests
Balance is key for this one, this is a chance for your guests to mingle with friends and family they don't know as well, be careful though as some may find this an uncomfortable situation to be in. A top tip is to put guests together with the same interests or age group.
Even numbers
A good idea to to have the equal numbers of male and female guests so the conversation is a good mix.
Single Guests
Most friends and family members will be in couples therefore will naturally be seated together. Any single friends can be placed among these to avoid the 'singles table' scenario. The last thing you want is your friends feeling like your playing match maker.
 Break Tradition
You could always allocate tables for your guests and not the seats, this way they get to choose who they sit next to, therefore if they want to move around and mingle they can do so. Takes the stress out of it for you all together.
 Guest Needs
Think about who you have coming to the reception, you may want an elderly family member or pregnant ladies and children to sit closer to the toilets or exit for convenience.
How To Display
One of the aspect of a stress free table plan is thinking ahead of time how you will display it. Have a selection of ideas ready that suit your theme. Source what you need to create it and play with your options so you are not panicking how it will all look last minute.

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Don't over think it

Don't worry about it too much if it seems impossible to get it right. Come back to it another day if it is stressing you out and have a fresh take on it. Also remember,  you can't make everyone happy with your choices, you can only do your best.



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