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There are many reasons why your wedding may have been postponed to a later date. Possibly a death in the family, the couple may have come down with an illness or at the time I write this, many weddings have been postponed due to Covid-19 which is a situation out of your control.
If this has to happen to you, many wedding suppliers will happily move your date without extra charge.
Depending on each situation it would be a very upsetting and stressful time. Hopefully when you feel ready you can begin to look forward to your special day once again.
You maybe 100% ready for your wedding to arrive, or you may see this extra time to do some more things. I have come up with 10 positive ways to keep wedding planning if your wedding has been postponed.
Do anything that you were putting off because you didn't have the time before
When wedding planning, there are always the things you want to do for the wedding that you realise you may run out of time for so they ended up at the bottom of the list. It may have been making your own favours for the guests, making confetti, creating a piece of jewellery to wear on the day or making table decorations for the venue. Use this time to add that 'something special' that you may not have had before.
Write your own vows
You may have decided that the traditional vows to read to each other are perfectly fine. But now you have time you may like to write your own wedding vows, now is your chance to sit in the quiet and think about it properly.
Practice speeches
Encourage anyone speaking at the wedding to practice what they are going to say. Although you are talking in front of family and friends it may not feel natural to everyone, so practicing will only make you feel more comfortable when the time comes. This applies for anyone standing up with readings or poems at your wedding ceremony too.
Practice your wedding make-up
It's a good idea before the day approaches to have a run through with your make-up if you have chosen to do it yourself. You will then be all organised with what products you will need to achieve the same look. This goes for your hair and nails too if you are a diy bride.
Practice your first dance
Now I do not mean you have to come up with a flashy dance routine here! But I would advise putting your wedding song on and having a practice in the living room. Just so you feel comfortable together, for some couples 'weddings' is the only time you may dance together and the last thing you want is to look and feel uncomfortable.
 Create a playlist 
You may have decided on a DJ with a disco for your wedding entertainment. You may have thought you would leave it to them to sort out the music, but this gives you the chance to pull together some music that you would love to hear. Make a list and send it to them so that have more idea on your music taste.
Add to your wedding registry 
You may have started a wedding gift list for your wedding guests to buy you something. This is a chance to keep browsing and maybe keep adding to your list. You may find your guests feel more generous if you have had to move your wedding day!
Save for your honeymoon
Postponing your wedding day means you have more time to save for your honeymoon. The extra pennies will really help by the time it gets here.
Write cards to the bridal party
Often we forget the smallest things on the run up to the wedding day. Sitting in the quiet with your thoughts will really help to write your cards to those who have helped you and been involved with planning the wedding.
Document your wedding planning
I'm sure as you have been wedding planning you have been taking photos galore. So why not scrapbook these memories. You may have been to wedding fairs, open days, taken pictures when you had your dress fitting, or maybe you had a girly day out with your besties making something for the wedding. Having something physical to look back on will fill you with a sense of achievement, it's not all about the destination, it's just as important to document the journey to get there.

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