Marble, Mauve & Geometric Wedding Ideas

Rea Shaw geometric wedding marble wedding purple wedding

If you want your wedding to look modern and vibrant then this combination of marble and mauve will really make an impact on the vibe of your day. Introducing metallic geometric shapes into your decor can really make this combo unique and swoon worthy. So lets dive in to how you can get it right with some key pieces.
Make a statement with dark bridesmaid dress colours that look rich and vibrant. Perfect for an autumn or winter wedding. 
The groom will look very flattering in a mauve suit, why should it be just the bride making an entrance!
Make flower bouquets a little different by carrying them in a geometric holder to make a gorgeous display.
Table Decor
Using metallic geometric vases on the tables will look stunning amongst your decor, choosing different shapes and sizes will keep it interesting.
Choose geometric patterns for wedding stationery that will give an edgy and modern look. Vibrant purple foil against a marble background will keep it up date and fresh. Hexagon shape place cards will give a modern look.
You can get hold of vibrant gem stones to place on your tables as unique decor pieces.
A chance to really add some fun designs to your cake, geometric patterns look very effective, so much so, you won't want to cut into it!
Rock candy cookies are a great little favour for guests to enjoy. You can buy them in vibrant colours like below which will look great placed on your guests napkins as they take there seat.
Vibrant backdrops for your ceremony or photographs will look amazing. Play with origami shapes, make your own or hire a professional to create one for you.
If you are interested in creating this theme and would like to take a closer at the stationery used you can find the collection here.

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