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I wanted to just take a moment to let you know why I was inspired to create the New Memory Lane.
If I take you back to when I was aLOT younger, I used to love writing, adore it I mean! My hand writing used to be so neat, teachers often used to comment on it in my school reports! I used to make up stories at home just for fun, then when my dad brought a typewriter into the house I wanted to use it all the time as I thought I was going to become his secretary one day!! For birthdays I would often get bought a stationery set, you know the kind, where everything matched,you would pull the paper off the pad, write your message with the matching pen, and put it in the matching envelope. I found myself writing to pen pals (as we did that back then!) and as I didn't see my auntie often I would write to her, tell her what we had been up to, even slip a picture inside what I'd spent ages colouring for her. Then as I got older the closest I got to writing anything when I left college was in the hairdressing appointment book. Which turned into scribble! When I look at my handwriting now, I think 'what on earth happened!!!'.
Now with email and text messages in our life writing is becoming a thing of the past. But not if your like me, I would much rather receive a handwritten note or card to say hello. It's just more personal and thoughtful.
So since starting my stationery business I have thought about this endlessly. I miss the writing of letters, I miss the 'just because' note, I miss holding the pen wondering what to write .I miss waiting to hear back. So this is when the inspiration sparked for the 'Memory Lane Collection' 
I decided to create a few styles of note cards with coloured envelopes to make up some gorgeous sets.
We have a few Wedding Sets which include:
A note from the Newlyweds
A note from the Bride
From the New Mr & Mrs
Just to say thank you
With so many note cards to send out to your guests after the wedding day to say your thank you's these make the job super easy, so nice to write on the smooth white card too!
Every day note cards which are great for general use include:
Just to say thank you
Hello there...
A note to say...
Or why not make it even more personal with the personalised note card set. Where you have your very own intitials at the top. These look very impressive to wow your family and friends.
So once you have selected your chosen style, and picked your foil color the only thing left to do is choose your favourite envelope colour.
(from left to right: white,kraft,black,metallic silver, metallic gold,pearl cream, royal blue, light blue, lilac, pearl lilac and light pink)
It is always handy having a set of these around the house, how many times have you needed a quick thank you card for a neighbour who did you a favour or you forgot someone's birthday or you just want to send someone a little reminder how fabulous they are because why not!? A little note card could make all the difference to their day! This is what they will say when they open it 'Isn't that so thoughtful of them' and the biggest smile will follow. 
I had in mind making these as pretty as possible by putting them in clear boxes. So they will make great little gifts for your friends and family for birthday's or christmas. Make sure to choose their favourite colour! 

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