2018 Highlights

Rea Shaw 2018 highlights

Thank you for joining me to have a little look back down memory lane for 2018. I think it is important to reflect on the past year as so much happens it is easy to forget and quickly move on to the next thing. It was Confetti Sweethearts 2nd Year, and it has been an amazing one so I'm excited to be reminiscing with you.
My main goal for 2018 was to create my own website. Something I'd not even contemplated at the start of this journey but it quickly became 'a must' for my business to grow. I had never done this before so I watched countless videos and read no end of information on the best way to go about it.
I have lots of options for my products, lots of personalised elements and colour options which helped me decide that 'Shopify' was the best fit for me as they specialise in e-commerce. I worked hard on it for several months, starting with re-taking product photos and working out which layout looked best. Luckily all my product descriptions I could use from my Etsy shop which saved me some time. It all started to come together. Things will always need tweaking so I launched in March re-assuring myself it didn't need to be perfect. (No such thing, right!!) Words cannot describe how rewarding it is to spend all your time on something, to then have orders come rolling in. Still now I get excited to see an order come in from the website. I am still improving all the time, but I am proud to offer a user friendly website which allows customers to personalise their order with ease selecting the options they would like.
 At look at my possible business logo choices.
A look at my branding board.
Rock my Wedding is one of my favourite wedding blogs to read, I used to be on there all the time looking when I was planning my own wedding day. So much inspiration, and I truly loved the real wedding section which inspired me to have my own real stories from couples who have purchased their stationery from me to feature on the blog. I just love reading and admiring the photos sent in by couples of the whole day put together. Again, something I had never thought of before, but it is the customers who drives these ideas forward and they are brought to life. So featuring on RMW blog was super important to me as I admire their work such much.
Joining Rock My Wedding
It seemed crazy that I had never put together a newsletter before, but I wanted to start collecting an email list so I could start offering my loyal and new customers the latest goings on and offer discounts without them having to check the website all the time. If you would like to subscribe you will find it at the bottom of the homepage.
Peak wedding season was from early spring to late summer for me. I had the busiest season yet. I was overwhelmed with your orders, I worked early mornings and late most nights and weekends to keep up with the high demand so I didn't fall behind and I was proud to of kept a high standard for delivery times for customers. Lots of Brides needing panic orders, really tested me to my limits and I was getting burned out bit by bit! But I have to say I throughly enjoyed every second!! I stopped every so often to remind myself this was the dream I had, I just didn't realise how big the dream could get!
I had a lovely surprise back in September when Boho Brides were featured on a double page spread in the Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Abroad magazine in the September/October issue. My Menu's from the Romance Collection were included in their photo shoot, so I was super pleased to see them in there.Wedding Magazine Feature
We launched 6 new collections in the shop in 2018. Working on new products is something I love to do, designing new things allows my creative brain to run free and I just create things I would of liked when I was planning my wedding. Many of the new wedding signs in the shop have been inspired by 'brides to be' this year. I love working on custom requests from couples when they have an idea I can bring to life for them.
New collections included:
So to summarize my highlights, I would say it has been an eye opening year, the potential of my little business is growing. I have learned so much in this massive industry and I just crave for more. Along with your orders, your feedback and my passion I am very excited to see where the business is going in 2019. Thank you for your continued support and a Happy New Year to you!






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