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I am very proud to announce I have joined 'The List' on the amazing Rock my Wedding website . How amazing to be joining other stationery suppliers on one of the UK's best wedding blog's and directories. The site is for bride and grooms, featuring real wedding inspiration, ideas and useful tips for your big day.
Since starting my wedding stationery business it has been a goal of mine to be a supplier on their site. And after two years of hard work I've finally reached it. (yeah!) When I was planning my own wedding back it 2014 I was on their site all the time looking to be inspired. And I still do! I get hooked in every time I see a post on social media, I just love reading the stories of happy couples and seeing the photo's of the whole day. As well as enjoying there amazing content I always come away feeling inspired, as I did when I was planning my day. So I would highly recommend taking a look if your planning!
My first appearance on Rock my Wedding was in 2016. Papakata a teepee company who we used for our own wedding asked me to supply some stationery to display for their Autumn Open weekend which I jumped at! Amazing opportunity! I put together some pieces they asked for, went along to see it all set up, then waited to see the photo's. So gorgeous! The next thing I know (only because I am a RMW hard core fan!) Rock my Wedding had done a blog post about the weekend featuring my stationery. Amazing, could this get any better! So that's when I decided it was my aim to join 'The List'. 
I hope by joining RMW I reach more happy couples who would love to work with me, creating something spectacular together for their special event. I hope by being present on the site,it helps to make couples feel more confident in why they should choose Confetti Sweethearts for their stationery.
Confetti Sweethearts has just celebrated it's 2nd year, so this is an exciting start for the next one! I'm really looking forward to hearing from all the new couples who find me!
Link to Rock my Wedding Website
Link to Papakata Autumn Open Weekend



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