Jewel Tone Colours Wedding Inspiration

Rea Shaw jewel tone colours

We have all seen this trend increase rapidly in the wedding industry especially on Pinterest lately. I am a huge fan of it myself as it incorporates a lot more colour. So lets break down this trend to see if you want to use it for your day.
What are jewel tones?
Think emerald green, deep plum, rich purple, burgundy and dark teal which feel rich and regal. Add a touch of silver or gold metallics and it will really create a sophisticated feel.
What textures work well with these colours?
These dark colours work particularly well with dark wood such as cherry or walnut. Soft velvet adds to the richness and lace gives a vintage feel.
What season is best to use them?
Autumn and winter weddings suit this colour palette best.
What would be the perfect setting for these colours?
A country manor with a peacock or two strutting around the lawns would be the ideal setting to create a wonderful atmosphere.
Dress Ideas
A wedding dress with lots of lace details will keep with a vintage elegant feel. You may want to add a velvet bow around your waist for a unique touch or maybe a pair of shoes with a vivid colour from your palette choice. Dress bridesmaids in deep colours such as burgundy and purple. If you have several bridesmaids you could have them in the different colours of your palette to look more interesting.
Deep colours work really well with bright vivid flowers. Such as emerald green and vivid pink like below. This will really add a statement.
The Groom
The groom and his groomsman can most certainly carry off this colour theme. Whichever colour you choose from the palette it is best paired with a crisp white shirt and maybe black tie like pictured for a sophisticated and formal look.
Your table details is where you can really experiment with several of the colours together. Rich florals for centrepieces and dark napkins on dark wooden tables will create a moody tone for your guests to dine at. Add metallic touches with candles and cutlery to lift the palette.
Adding fun vivid glassware can transform a table setting and really add a bit of jewel bling.
Make your dining experience even more luxurious by adding velvet chairs for your guests or it may be a nice treat for your sweetheart table.
Or you may like to create a stunning backdrop for photographs where you can take some formal photographs of your guests.
The Cake 
If your having a dark cake then vivid floral details will lift it to make it look inviting and enchanting.
Serve dark fruits such as grapes, berries, and figs as a grazing platter for each table of guests.
I hope this has inspired you to create a jewel tone wedding.
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