Inspiring Ways to use name Cards for the wedding

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There are lots of ways you can use place cards and name tags throughout your wedding day to add that little bit of extra detail. Personalisation is key to making the person it is for, feel extra special. Here are some inspiring ways you can incorporate them yourself.
When your guests sit down to dinner it is a nice touch to add a name tag, tied with ribbon around their napkin. Makes them look extra fancy too!
Depending on how you are setting out your tables, you may decide to tie your cutlery together with ribbon to give it a modern feel. Use a name tag to complete the look.
Wine Glasses
Use mini wooden pegs to attach to wine glasses for a different look. This may be handy when your table is getting over crowded with flowers and wine glasses!
A great alternative is tying tags with ribbon around the bottom of their wine glass, this way they can keep the glass all evening as each guest will know which is theirs.
Chair Decor
Use name tags to decorate the backs of chairs, this way they will see their seat as they walk up to their table. Use ribbon and flowers to grab there attention and look pretty.
Wreath name tags in light pink foil.
Use personalised name tags to attach to your hangers for your wedding dress photos. It makes them look extra special.
It adds a nice touch for your bridal party too so they know who's dress is who's. And they make a pretty photo when they are all lined up together.
No wedding favour is complete without a name tag. Wrap your parcel and make it look pretty with twine and even a flower to decorate, and finish with your personalised tag.
When your buttonholes arrive it is quite a nice touch to add name tags to them, so that on arrival your bridal party and any guests can help theirselves to the correct flower as you may have different styles and extra special ones made for family members. This not only saves time, but avoids confusion on the day too!
Name Tags from the 'Love Letters Collection'
I hope this has inspired you to use them in a variety of ways to give that personalised touch needed.
Personalise your flower bouquets for the bridal party so they know which is who's saving time and a little touch like this makes them feel extra special.
Name Tags in black foil
I hope this has inspired you to use them in a variety of ways to give that personalised touch needed.




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