Inspiration for a soft Lilac Wedding

Rea Shaw

Lilac is from my personal favourite colour palette of all time, I love anything purple, my own wedding was based around the entire colour palette, so this one was a complete joy to work on. Lilac is the perfect selection if you want to introduce more colour into your wedding day without being too bold. It's pastel feel will tone down any noise you think you may create by adding colour. It is another great colour paired with white and ivory that adds a softness to it. You can add greenery of any shade and introduce metallic colours such as gold or silver to compliment. If your wanting to make more of a statement with lilac, by adding different shades of purples and pinks will add a real interesting palette to play with.
Bridesmaid Dresses
Lilac suits blondes or brunettes, and helps soften features. Choose chiffon dresses to remain relaxed and floaty to help tie in with the romantic vibe lilac creates. Choose a darker colour bouquet to hold for contrast or keep it simple with white roses or baby's breath to pop against the dresses.
The Groom
A grey suit and lilac accessories will flatter the groom and his band of men.
Or if your groom is a little more confident and it ties in better with your colour theme, you could opt for more natural tones with a beige or taupe suit, like below. Perfect for a spring wedding outdoors.
Incorporating other shades of purple will really help show off the colour theme, or use a splash of pink to make a bolder statement. Hydrangeas and lavender are pretty choices.
Succulents make a perfect pairing for lilac due to their green and purple tones.
Table Setting
Using soft materials such as organza or chiffon will help create the romantic style you are after, drape runners to create a centrepiece over oak style dining tables to add a warm and inviting setting for your wedding guests to dine at.
Gold candlesticks and metallic gold cutlery compliment the lilac really well, especially when paired with earthy tones.
Add a bit more interest to your wedding tables with floral designs that will help bring all your pieces together. Foil colours that will compliment this theme are, Gold, Light Gold, Champagne Gold, Silver, Matt Silver, Gunmetal Grey, Purple or Lilac.
The Cake
Your cake could be playful like below, try creating ombre effects with royal icing with the different shades of the colour palette to add an eye-catching effect.
Food & Drinks
Add pops of colour with your food choices, cupcakes and macaroons are cute favourites that your guests will enjoy.
While adding flowers to your ice cubes are a different idea for the guests to gush over, that they will want to try at home.
Add as much or as little lilac as you desire, adding lanterns or pom poms above for a dramatic impact or subtle touches like bows to the backs of chairs. Or you might decide to have one statement piece like a flower wall for a photo back drop.
This is such a pretty colour theme to base your wedding around, lots of inspiration to help plan your day. If you would like any help creating stationery to fit your theme, please get in touch.

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