Photo Booth Ideas for your Wedding

Rea Shaw

Who wouldn't love a photo booth at their wedding. It is such a fun idea for everyone to get involved in and it can capture some wonderful moments of all the guests that you may otherwise miss. It is a chance to capture the informal, natural and of course silly antics of your guests throughout the day.
It is super easy to set one up yourself with a bit of imagination or get the pros in to take care of it for you. Whatever you decide I can guarantee it will be worth your efforts after the day is over.
Campervan Photo Booth
This is a unique idea, a chance to go all out and glam up a camper van. Perfect if it is your means of transport to exit your wedding day or perfect for an outdoor or festival themed wedding where your guests can pop in whenever they like.
Portable Photo Booth
Bring a bit of fun to your photo booth with a cubicle and curtain set up which will print your photos straight away. There are lots of professionals out there that can set this up for you and will hang around in case of any problems. If you have the time you could always create the booth yourself.
Vintage Photo Booth
Perfect to bring a bit of nostalgia to your day and hire a professional to come and set up their vintage camera. They will show you how it works and supply you with backdrops and props to use.
Polaroid Selfie
If your feeling creative and have the time why not your own from sturdy mount board or there are plenty of places online to get a big polaroid frame from, maybe even with your personalised wedding details on them. Set up a little selfie station with a polaroid camera and plenty of film and let your guests go crazy!
DIY Photo Booth
It's super easy to set up your own photo booth, you just need the following:
- A designated area to take the photos.
- A nice background to stand in front of. 
- A display area to explain to your guests what to do.
- Props for your guests to interact with.
- A tripod set up with a camera, tablet or phone to take the photos.
DIY Backdrop
You may be a DIY couple and fancy making a photo backdrop for your guests to enjoy. It may be fun or romantic depending on the mood you want to create.
This is a fun, creative idea without being too complicated and expensive. Grab yourself some frames of all different shapes and sizes and either use them to hold by hand or hang from tree branches with string. Search antique shops and car boot sales for unwanted frames that you could revamp and paint fun colours. It will look very effective.
An essential part of a Photo Booth is the props, gather silly glasses, masks, wigs and feather bowers. You may even have a theme you may want to stick to.
There you have a few ideas to help inspire you and get the creative juices flowing.
I hope you enjoy planning your photo booth!
If you need a sign for your photo booth you can find them here.

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