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I am by no means encouraging planning the whole of your wedding from your work desk, obviously!! But it is inevitable that if you work full time the two jobs are going to clash at some point of the planning. Firstly, vendors are only open at certain times in the day to arrange things with, and two, you cannot plan when inspiration may strike for an idea, therefore you may need to take action on it!
Saying all this, I doubt many bosses are going to like the thought of you doing your planning in the work place, so I have put together a few sneaky ways to do so, so you can stay productive.
1. Get to work early.
That's right, you heard me, it's not easy, but think of that extra hour as a great way to be more productive and get ahead of that planning. With a quiet office you will get loads more done as you will be able to concentrate more without worrying that the boss is behind you! You don't have to do it everyday, just as and when you need a bit more time.
2. On your commute to work.
Depending on how long it takes you to get to work, you could gain some valuable time here. If you take the train or bus this is a great time to sit and plan anything or maybe phone some vendors if it is quiet enough, even 15-30 mins could really benefit your checklist. If you drive to work yourself, instead of listening to the radio why not grab a selection of CDs from your collection and start choosing songs for your wedding playlist.
3. Use your tea breaks.
Instead of using that 15 mins for a tea break, use it to call vendors, book appointments or research. You'd be surprised how much you can get done when you are on a time limit.
4. Use your lunch break
Lunch breaks are a perfect opportunity to do some more planning. Instead of eating at your desk, get on the phone to your suppliers to discuss details and finalize any arrangements. If you get an hour for your break, that's great! You may even have time to nip to an appointment with your local florist or cake decorator.
5.Keep a note book handy.
Inspiration can strike at any time so be prepared. If take a separate note pad to work you can quickly jot down your thoughts and ideas, then forget about it until you take it home. Don't try to remember as you will get 'wedding brain' and forget it and struggle to focus on your day job as you will be trying to hang on to your thoughts.
6. Pick a Friend.
I wouldn't share with the whole office your wedding plans as two many opinions can be overwhelming and you might end up regretting telling them all. Choose one reliable and trustworthy collegue to talk to the wedding about over lunch, who will understand your dilemmas and maybe cover for you if needed!!
7. Use holiday time.
I know, you might be saving holiday for your honeymoon! But time off during planning maybe essential to sort some things out properly. If you allow a chunk of time off just to tick off some to do's, you may thank your future self for allowing that time.
8.Work comes first.
If you desperately need to do wedding planning that day, this should give you the motivation needed to crack on with your work first, the last thing you want is your boss unhappy with you if you have not met a deadline. If you get caught planning at least you can say your work is finished.
9. If you get caught, don't lie.
This is an important tip, if you get caught planning and not working instead, just tell the truth. You have more chance of them letting you off, but have a reason ready, as to why you were doing that instead of working. Like 'it's the only time I can reach the bridal shop'. They are more likely to understand. If your boss is worried about your work, they may check your computer to see where your time is spent, so it is always better to come clean first.
10. Don't overdue it.
Planning is exciting and lots of fun so it can be easy to lose track of time, but
doing too much planning at work will not go unnoticed, so keep in to a minimal. Setting a timer will help you keep focused on what you should be doing.
So with these 10 tips above you should hopefully still get some essential planning in while your doing the 9-5. Good Luck!






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