Tropical Wedding Inspiration

Rea Shaw colourful wedding tropical wedding theme

Tropical wedding themes are a hot trend right now especially if you are getting married abroad where you have the weather to go all out. This theme is for the couple wanting to make a statement and show there laid back personalities to their guests.
Whether you choose a short or long dress it wants to feel more bohemian style with lots of lace details, and be floaty and relaxed. The bride can then go all out with her accessories such as a floral crown, ankle or wrist corsage and a bright statement floral bouquet to hold.
The great thing about having a tropical theme for your wedding day, is that bridesmaid dresses can be sourced through high street shops, with this growing trend it is easier then ever to pick up bold statement dresses to compliment your theme. The great thing about this is they maybe a little more affordable then bridal boutiques. As you can see from below, if have a larger bridal party, it works particularly well to have a few pattern dresses, and a few solid colours so it helps with keeping the balance just right.
The Groom
Attire for the groom depends on their personality and confidence. Some may want to wear a suit in a more casual style.
Others may want to add a fun touch, such as a tropical shirt, which are all over the shops right now, so they easy to come by.
Others may want to keep it formal but fun by adding a smaller tropical touch with a tie and handcheif or socks.
The great thing about bouquets is the bigger the better, use large palm leaves, and choose bright flowers to make a bold and beautiful statement. Be carefully not to choose any flowers that may stain your dress, so ask your florist for advice.
This theme can carry off large floral displays with big palm leaves and dried pampas grasses to help transform the space.
Use large leaves along your entrance, perfect if you are getting married outside.
Table Decorations
A bold way to make a statement on your tables is to add exotic fruits such as pineapples, coconuts and bright citrus fruits. It adds a unique touch from the traditional touches such as candles and table linens.
Food & Drink
Create an experience with your food and drink, wake your guests senses with a bright visual display of welcoming treats to try. Have a juice and cocktail bar where your guests can help theirselves. 
Wedding Favours
Supplying your guests with useful wedding favours is a must, if your getting married somewhere hot, guests will appreciate fans and umbrellas so they can stay cool. And sunglasses and hats are essential for looking after them, as not everyone will remember to grab them before they leave.
I hope this has inspired your tropical wedding theme.

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