How to Plan an online Hen Party

Rea Shaw brie to be hen party

If you have had to cancel or postpone a hen party due to the current situation, then an online hen party maybe exactly what the bride to be needs right now.
The happy couple have most likely been through enough stress with rearranging their wedding plans so it would be nice to plan something special for her to help cheer her up.
How to plan one
If you were already well organised with planning the hen do then you will already have a list of all the members of the group that were going to be attending. You may now find more ladies can attend as they may have more free time on their hands depending on their work situation. Here are some steps to getting it off the ground.
- Arrange with the bride to be what time works for her best.
-Send out invitations for the date and time it's going to be on, using Facebook or your Whats app group.
- Choose which platform you will use for the party.
- Plan some fun activities to do.
Decide what tech to use?
Depending on the size of your group will help determine what platform to host the party on. And also what devices they will be using to access these. FaceTime, Whats App and Facebook Messenger are perhaps better for smaller numbers. And Skpye and Zoom are better to use for a larger crowd. Also remember to look into the time period these apps allow for your meeting.
Get Dressed Up
Just as you would for the hen party, put on your glad rags. It will feel more fun and like a proper event. It will make a nice change too from slouching around in your comfy clothes. You may even of had a theme for your hen party, and you may have matching outfits to wear that you had already got hold of. Don't let them go to waste, use them, you won't regret it!
Food & Drink
Tell everyone to get there choice of drink and nibbles to enjoy through the party. It will also create a talking point to find out what everyone has got!
Activities to do
While it will be great to chat to everyone in the group, it is a good idea to have some structure to the party. The idea is to get creative and think about what everyone will enjoy. Below are some examples to get you started.
There are lots of hen party games you can play such as 'How well do you know the bride?' The host of the party comes up with questions for the members to answer about the bride, at the end of the quiz the bride can reveal the correct answers to the group. 
I'm sure you have all seen enough wedding films to play 'Guess the film' you could plan a set of questions of film quotes where they have to guess which wedding movie it is out of.
Hen Party Game Cards are available in the shop to give you an idea.
Treat the Bride
You can still send the bride to be gifts and cards which will be a lovely surprise for her to receive. She could open them at the online party. Take a look in the Hen Party Ideas section of the shop to help spoil her.
Get Creative
You could also challenge the members of the group to draw caricatures of the happy couple, they can message over there drawing and the bride can pick her favourite.
Set a challenge
Challenges can be great fun, this could be as simple as making something out what you have indoors. Or you could have a bake off, and you could challenge everyone to bake a certain cake and the bride can pick what she likes the look of most. Another idea is finding a tutorial online everyone could have a go at, like a make-up technique or nail art. The bride can again pick the member who she thinks did the best job.
Dance Party
You may want to mute your tech for this one as it could get a bit rowdy. Put on your favourite songs on and have a dance just like you would in the club. It may seem a bit silly but if your all friends it shouldn't matter, you are there to cheer each other up.
If you fancy something a little more low key then there is still plenty to do. Here are some quieter ideas.
Have a pamper
Set some time aside to have a pamper together, this could be painting your nails, a pedicure or a face mask. It's amazing how doing this kind of thing with friends will lift your spirits.
Have dinner together
You could all cook your favourite dish and chat together, food is great way of bonding. You could even suggest a new receipe for all of you to try and then discuss it afterwards. 
Watch a Movie 
With the ability to watch a movie together with Netflix Party you can now watch together via video chat to share the laughs, tears and scary moments at the same time.
Although it won't be the same as your pre planned hen party you can still have fun and create some memories. The bride will really appreciate you all getting involved to make it special. It will certainly be an occasion you will all remember!

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