How to make a simple wedding bouquet

Rea Shaw how to name tags step by step tutorial wedding bouquet

Making your own wedding bouquet for yourself and your bridesmaids for your wedding day is easier than you think, yes really!! If you are on a tight budget and have a few helpers then this step by step guide for how to make one will come in handy.
Step 1.
Gather your supplies.
You will need
- Scissors
- Garden Snips
- Ribbon/Burlap
-Flowers (in this case, gypsophila)
- Floral Tape
-A pin or Hot Glue
Step 2.
In the case of gypsophila, trim all the stems the same length, so your flowers are all at the top of each stem.
Step 3.
Take your time to position them so all the flowers are at the top creating the shape you want to make as you go.
Step 4.
Whilst firmly holding all the stems together in a bunch, snip them all one by one to your desired length.
Step 5.
First wrap your stems in green floral tape, then repeat the process in your chosen ribbon or frayed burlap as shown in the picture below. Secure with a pin or clear hot glue at the bottom to hold in place.
See how simple that was, told you it would be easy. 
You could prep these ready by trimming the stems ahead of time, keeping them in water, and then assemble the day before the wedding.
Complete your bouquet with a name tag, perfect for your wedding photo's and if your making several, each member of the bridal party will clearly know which is there's.
Modern Day Name Tags can be found here if you want to recreate the look.
Good luck with your own creation!

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