How to find your wedding vision

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You're scrolling through Pinterest and saving all your ideas and things you love for your wedding, but you now realise that you have to start making some decisions in order to make your dreams a reality. Easier said than done, right! 
If you are wondering where on earth to start, then firstly remember that it is totally normal to feel overwhelmed, stuck, or confused at this stage, it is more common then you think. You maybe wondering how you are going to sift your way through endless choices. So I am going to give you a couple of steps to help you move forward with your ideas so that you can finally start making decisions. 
Step 1
Go to the place where you save all your wedding ideas, whether that is Pinterest, your camera roll or from magazines. My guess is, you have quite a good selection of decorations, venues, florals, food, lighting, and not to mention the rest!
Step 2
Choose your absolute favourite photos from all the things you have saved over time. I advise selecting between 5 -10 pictures to make it manageable.
Step 3
Next grab a pen and paper and write down what it is about those photos you absolutely love. Take each photo in turn and ask all the same questions to pin point what it is you are fond of. Some great questions you may find useful for this task are;
'Do I like the colours in the photo?'
'Is it the location in the photo I like?'
'What item or items is it that I like'?
It is really important to recognise what it is about the photo you are admiring. 
Step 4
Ask yourself what is the feeling you have when you look at the photo. Does it make you feel happy, excited or emotional? Write that feeling down.
Step 5
You have achieved so much more than you proberly realise. You may have just established what your colour palette is, where you want to get married, and what you would like the vibe of your day to be all by selecting your favourite photos.
If you don't feel like you had much success, then choose some more photos from your collection and repeat the process. It really can be this simple to start with. This will help you get out of decision paralysis, and you will start to build up what you want your day to look and feel like. 

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