How to make bath bombs for wedding favours

Rea Shaw bath bombs favour ideas

If you are looking for a favour gift idea and your a DIY bride or groom, then this little step by step tutorial may be right up your street to try for your wedding favours. It is super simple and very affordable. If you have a big guest list, you may find buying your ingredients in bulk online will save you money. These are a great idea as they can be made well in advance as they keep for a very long time. The combinations are endless that you could create, changing the colour, scent or shape, which is really fun as you may want to match your theme in some way. 
You may find you have many of the tools needed, lying around the house already. Even moulds! You can use a small plant pot, paper cupcake cases or chocolate moulds. Just be sure not to use again for food.
So let's get into this very easy step by step tutorial. 
Firstly gather all your supplies.
You will need:
A Large Bowl
A Sieve 
1/2 Teaspoon
A Tablespoon
Water spray bottle
Bath Bomb Moulds
Weighing Scales
Ingredients you will need for this recipe:
150g Granulated Citric Acid
300g Bicarbonate of Soda
1/2 Tsp Blueberry Fragrance Oil
1 Tbsp Goats Milk Powder
A handful of Blue Malva Flowers
Step 1
Weight out your citric acid and place in a bowl.
Step 2
Weigh out your Bicarbonate of Soda, and sieve into the same bowl.
Step 3
Sieve your goats milk powder to get rid of any lumps.
Step 4
Stir all the ingredients together.
Step 5
Add your dried Malva Flowers.
Step 6
Add your fragrance oil, and mix well.
Step 7
Spray the mixture with water.
Step 8
Gradually mix a little at a time to get the consistency of wet sand.
It should hold together but not be too wet.
Step 9
Start placing the mixture inside your moulds, pressing firmly to make sure you have a neat finish. Here we used round plastic moulds for the top of the bath bomb.
We have used mini silcone cake cases for the base.
Bring them both together to make one cupcake shape.
Here we have used a plastic heart mould.
Place your flowers in the bottom of the mould.
Put your mixture over the top and fill until you have a flat surface.
Step 10
Turn out on a non-stick sheet to harden.
You will see your flowers are now on the front side of the design.
Now just wait a few hours till they are completely hard, then you can take them out of any remaining moulds.
Wrap them as desired.
Here we have used a cute little box wrapped with bakers twine and a 'handmade with love' tag to complete the gift.
With have used purple foil to match the blueberry colour theme.
To wrap the hearts we have used glassine bags for a different look. Wrapped with bakers twine, and personalised with a tag.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and has encouraged you to get crafty!
Searching for your ingredients can be time consuming, so I have recommended a few I have tried myself.
For bath bomb ingredients try Gracefruit
For moulds Sugar Shack

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