15 Engagement Party Theme Ideas

Rea Shaw engagement ideas

You have the ring on your finger and the partner of your dreams, now it's time to celebrate your engagement. Now, you can't go wrong with a traditional engagement party especially if a loved one of friend wants to host one for you, but it is becoming increasingly more popular to make the celebration unique, so it suits your style. Plan something different to make it memorable. I have gathered some of my favourites for you to consider for yourselves.
Why not have... 
'I Do' Barbecue 
Host a garden barbecue to celebrate, I can guarantee your guests won't be able to resist a rack of ribs! Serve the classic favourites, burgers, coleslaw and potato salad. Decorate your garden with lights and comfy seating to create a cosy vibe.
Off to the Races
If you fancy having an outing then getting dressed up for a day at the races could be just your thing. Enjoy a few drinks and have a few bets and have fun.
Murder Mystery 
Create your own or find a company that will come to your home to host the party for you. As each guests arrive hand them a envelope with their character and let the evening unfold. Getting your guests to dress up will help them get into character too. You can even buy board games where you play a recording and follow the plot along. Great fun!
Organise a day out at a glamping site where the cabins or tents are already set up so all you need to do is arrive and enjoy yourself. Play games, sit by the camp fire under a cosy blanket and tell stories of the happy couple.
Pool Party
Host a classic pool party where you can chill out and have fun. Set out fun inflatables, play volleyball in the water and pop on your favourite tunes. 
A picnic in the park or in your back garden will create a nice chilled out vibe to mingle with your loved ones.
Beach Party
Head to the beach for a relaxed spot of sunbathing. Play games or sing around the camp fire.
Parisian Theme
There nothing more romantic then a Paris theme, serve lots of bubbly and patisserie treats.
Casino Night
Create a casino theme in your home. You could ask your guests to dress up in their fancy frocks and tuxedos to feel like your in Las Vegas.
Movie Night
Why not set up a big screen in your home or garden and invite your guests round to watch your favourite movie. Serving popcorn treats for everyone to enjoy while your watching the film.
Friends Theme
If your a couple who loves watching the Friends series then why not recreate this vibe at home. Serve your favourite hot drinks and muffins while you play a quote quiz on each episode.
If you love music, then put on your glitter and sequins and dance the night away together. You may even want to include a karaoke machine too for those that like to sing. Use retro disco balls and neon signs to bring the theme to life.
Consider going back in time and choose an era from the past. Go 1950's for a lively   vibe, with bowling and a jukebox full of dance tunes. Or perhaps 1940's for a quieter feel with a afternoon tea with a vintage theme.
Ice - Cream
Hire an ice-cream bar for the day and serve up everyone's favourite flavour with their choice of toppings.
Pizza Party
Enjoy a pizza? This maybe right up your ally, let guests make there own to add a fun element or hire a chef to help make the pizzas.
Remember to celebrate your engagement in a way that celebrates you as a couple.
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