Amazing Wedding Ceremony Exits

Rea Shaw

Once you have tied the knot, you will want to make your exit in style before you head to your wedding reception. Now that the serious part off exchanging vows is over, this is a great opportunity to add some more of your personalities with a fun idea that everyone can get involved in. Traditionally, guests throw rice or confetti, but you may want to be a little more creative. So here are some of the best ideas out there to help inspire you.
Ribbon Streamers
A fun and whimsical way for your guests to wave at you, they are bright and cheerful and can be colour co-ordinated to match your theme. Add a bell and you have some light noise to add to the effect, with everyones cheers it will create a rather special moment.
Rice Throwing
An old tradition that is classic and timeless if you would like to keep it simple.
It symbolises rain, which is meant to signify good fortune. Perfect to use if your going for minimal fuss!
Get yourself some bio-degradable balloons so that your guests can hold on to and line up to make a walkway for you, then they can let them go once you have made your exit together.
A fun and enchanting idea that your guests will really enjoy taking part in, it will most certainly bring the youth out of even the oldest members of the group! The smaller members of your bridal party will look so sweet blowing bubbles too which will be lovely to look back on in the photographs, as you may miss those magical moments.
Confetti comes in all different shapes and sizes these days, you are spoiled for choice, you can buy confetti canons that can be released for a great photo if all popped altogether. Just make sure it is bio-degradable, so that your doing your bit for the planet.
Displaying signs to indicate to your guests what to do is vital, put it where it can easily be seen by all, so they have the chance to get ready the moment it happens.
If you have the time, you could cut your own confetti shapes from bio-degradable tissue paper or buy them pre-cut.
Why save your sparklers till the evening, let your guests light up the pathway to create a magical moment
A great alternative that will smell lovely too! Raid your friends, family and neighbours gardens if your on a budget. Use paper cones to hold the lavender and place in a crate or basket for your guests to grab as they come out of the venue.
Rose Petals
Have your guests toss rose petals at you, they will not only smell great but they won't need cleaning up afterwards.
This is great if you want no expense to create this moment. Why not gather lots of foliage and pull off the leaves off for your guests to throw. It won't matter about making a mess, perfect for an outdoor wedding. Plus some venues/churches do not allow confetti being thrown, so this would make a great alternative. Ideal for botanical wedding themes.
Paper Planes
Bring back the childhood memories with this fun idea, great for a destination wedding, travel themed wedding or if your jetting off on your travels for a long honeymoon. Display pre-folded aeroplanes in a cute basket for your guests to throw at you when they walk your way.
Throwing seed at the love birds is a fabulous idea, not only does it make for a fitting idea it will feed the birds afterwards too. Set up a bird seed station with metal buckets and scoops for your guests to fill paper cones theirselves.
Smoke Bombs
Smoke bombs are becoming increasingly popular with couples. What a way to make an exit! Have your guests release there smoke bombs to realise there colour for an amazing photo opportunity. Great for outdoor, bohemian and festival themed weddings.
Pom Poms
A unique and fun idea which are soft to throw at the bride and groom, so you won't be worried about getting hit in the face! Why not make them yourself, I'll warn you though, they are addictive once you start!
Another inexpensive idea, which you could gather from neighbours gardens as well as your own for pretty flowers. Place in paper cones for the guests to grab as they leave the venue.
Military Exit
If your partner has a military background then their work collegues will want to give a traditional send off with an archway for the bride and groom to walk under.
So there you have a nice selection of ideas to make your ceremony exit as wonderful as it can be.
If you would like a custom sign making for your own wedding exit idea then please get in touch, lets create your special moment come to life.

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