How to create a Bridal Shower flower bar

Rea Shaw bridal shower

Having a flower bar for your bridal shower is becoming increasingly popular, so I thought we would take a closer look at what the craze is all about and see if this is something you would like for your own shower.
Here are some tips on how to bring one to life.
Top Tips
1.First you need to find an expert that can supply you with all the tools, flowers and foliage.
2. Decide on a concept, choose what flowers will work best for what you are deciding on doing with them at the shower. And pick a colour theme that will work.
3. Pick the right flowers for your shower, if you plan on creating floral crowns you will likely require small - medium flowers to create them so consider the size of your flowers. Also try to avoid any flowers with thorny stems.
4. Remember to prep ahead for the event. Order your flowers from your supplier  ahead of time, have water buckets handy for when they arrive. And arrange 
and set up your tables with everything your guests will need to get going when they arrive.
The Flower Bar
Arrange your flowers so they create a display or backdrop. Display them in buckets of water so they are easy to reach. Display pretty vases so your guests don't forget to grab what they would like to use.
Display signage to explain what you are going to do with the flowers, it made your guests first time doing this.
Floral Crowns
Making floral crowns are a very popular activity for those who love to get crafty. They are fun and easy to make and they can take them home with them afterwards.
Get a head start on prep and make some garlands for your choice of venue, it will get everyone in the spirit of things and show how beautiful they look as well as they make the room smell gorgeous.
Photo Backdrops
All you need is sturdy frame or some wire to hang your flowers from. This would make a stunning background for taking all your photos with the guests to remember the shower.
There are lots of ways to incorporate flowers into your decor so have a play. You may even come up with a winning idea for your wedding day too!
Table Runners
Floral Hoops
If you would like more ideas on hosting a bridal shower you may find this post useful.

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