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Are you having trouble thinking of an idea for your wedding favours to give to your guests? It can be one of the most brain bending tasks, even though it is such a small part of the day it most certainly feels a big deal to get it right. After all it is your little token of appreciation to your friends and family to say thank you for attending your special day. Whether you choose to keep it simple or go all out with an original idea, your guests will appreciate the thought behind it without a doubt.
We have come along way since the wedding tradition of 5 sugar almonds in a small bag or box that represent the blessings of Health, Wealth, Happiness, Long Life and Fertility. Modern couples are now choosing their favourite sweets or tipple, personalised novelty gifts that the guests can use afterwards. And meaningful keepsakes that the guests can treasure to remember the day.
Wedding Soundtrack
Speaking from experience, we had a ball creating our very own playlist for our wedding. Choosing all your favourite songs from all the different eras is not only good to have a trip down memory lane, but there is a good selection to suit everyone. A CD or USB with your wedding playlist on, will transport your guests back to your day any time they choose to listen to it.
Puzzle Pieces
This is a sweet idea, present each guest with a piece of the puzzle personalised with a message of gratitude. 
Flower seeds are a charming idea, your guests can plant them and it will will remind them of your wedding the minute they start to grow.
Grow your own kits
Grow your own kits are an unusual gift to treat your guests to, you could relate this to your wedding menu and let everyone have the chance to try it for theirself. Grow your own strawberries, basil, tomatoes or chilli are to name a few ideas.
Everyone loves tea, make it interesting by handing out tea packets in different flavours for your guests to try. They may discover a new drink.
Balsamic Vinegar and infused olive oils make a great gift to take home as most guests use these for cooking with.
Couples are taking their guests back to the good old days when you went to the corner shop to buy a bag of sweets. Create a nostalgic feel with your old favourites, cola bottles, flying saucers, sherbets and liquorice.
Handmade Bakes
There is something so personal about handmade bakes, on the run up to the wedding you could carve out some time to bake your favourite biscuits or cookies. Seal them in a container if made a few days before so it keeps them fresh, then stylishly wrap them before the day to present to your guests.
Miniture drinks
Present your guests with your favourite tipple. Most wines and spirits come in mini bottles which make a favour your guests won't forget to take home!
Shot Glasses
A great idea for helping raise a toast to the happy couple. Have them personalised with your names and wedding date. Choose their favourite tipple to celebrate with.
Matches are very on-trend right now, we are seeing them pop up in every nook and cranny of all gift shops and they make a cute little favour as they are a very useful gift for your guests which you know they will use.
Handmade Preserves
Jams, chutneys, and honey are all great favours to make well ahead of time. You can prep these months in advance and they keep till opened.
Small candles particularly make a nice favour gift, choose your favourite scent that they guests will love too.
Handmade Soap/Bath Bombs
Buy handmade or create yourself some bath soaps. Choosing scents that may relate to the time of year your getting married is a nice touch. Lavender is perfect for the summer and you could choose ginger and orange for an Autumn wedding.

Mini plants like cactus and succulents make cute wedding favours for green finger couples. The guests can watch them grow to remember your special day.
A fun idea that is great for an evening reception, let your guests light up the sky by waving you off. Will make some great photos.
A great summer time favour, especially if your wedding is outside, you want to avoid your guests squinting at the sun when you say your vows. Personalise them with their names or wedding party roles in fun colours.
A nice touch if your getting married abroad is to include a fan for the guests to cool theirself down. The last thing you want is your guests fainting because of the heat, and it is something they can definately use again.
Flip Flops/Hats
There won't be any excuses to get up on the dance floor if you include flip flop favours for the ladies. Let them kick off their high heels and dance the night away with you.
Bottle Openers
The gift that will keep on giving, your guests will use this again and again in their home. And adding a personalised touch will make the gift more special.
Wine Cork Stopper
A useful wedding favour idea that your guests will use every time they open a bottle of their finest. Add your names and wedding date for a special touch.
Drinks Coaster
Another gift you guests can use time and time again.Have them personalised with a humorous message to remind them of you. 
Lottery Tickets
Share your luck with your wedding guests by handing out lottery tickets. This is a fun and affordable favour idea that could lead to some big wins!
Mini Games
This is a fun idea if your guests have travelled from far and wide to be with you for your wedding day. Mini travel sized games like scrabble or connect four will keep them entertained on their way back.
Hangover Kits
Most of your guests will be enjoying a tipple or two at your wedding reception so a great favour that your guests will be sure to appreciate is a 'Hangover Kit'. Make sure you help avoid sore heads by including the essentials to get them through the next day. You could include paracetamol, water, eye masks and chocolate in the kit.
I hope this has given you tons of ideas to help you figure out what kind of gift that will not only look great but be something your guess will treasure for forever.
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