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Once you get back from your honeymoon and your settling into married life. There are some tasks that will need sorting out, so I've put together a list for you to refer back to, to help you not forget anything.
Say your Thank you's
Firstly make it a priority to say your thank you's to all your family and friends for attending your special day. It is polite to write to each of them personally, thanking them for being there, for any gifts, vouchers, cards or donations given. You may even want to include a memory from the wedding to make them smile, or perhaps a photo of the two of you, which they will appreciate.
Remember to thank your wedding party members for all their help with wedding planning and tasks they undertook on the day for you. Make them feel appreciated with a special card or gift.
If you would like to say thank you with a card you can find them here.
Don't forget your suppliers either, they have gone above and beyond to make your day special and make sure it runs as smoothly as possible. You will not have noticed them rushing around behind the scenes checking everything is just so, so be sure to show your appreciation afterwards. 
Changing your name
If you decided to legally change your surname when you got married, then you are going to need to change it on quite a lot of documents. Here are a list of some essentials to take care of.
Driving Licence 
Car Insurance
Motoring organisations (Breakdown cover)
Local Authority (council/electoral register)
HM Revenue and Customs
Bank Accounts
Mortgage/Rent Agreement
Utility Bills (gas, electric, water providers)
Phone/Broadband Companies
Insurance company (home, travel)
Your Employer
Store cards
Loan Campanies
In some of these cases you will need to send your marriage license to prove the change of name.
Wedding Memories
Now your day has passed, all you have left are your memories, stories, and photo's. Once you have your photos back from the photographer make sure to create an album if you did not have one included in the package. There are lots of places online that offer wonderful services and albums in all shapes and sizes to suit your style, and it's super easy to create one at the click of a button. It is not the same looking at photos on the computer, trust me! It is also a nice idea to record your memories of the day on paper, why not describe how you feel, and a funny story you don't want to forget. Things that will help you bring the day to life again in your head. You will most definitely thank your past self for making the time to do this. Why not ask family members to do the same so you can keep a record of their own words. 
Give items to guests
You may want to hand out items that you will not be needing and that would be useful to your family and friends. This way they can display them in their home and remember the day. Personally I did this with my table decorations, I let the guests take the lanterns that were on each table as I knew I didn't want to keep them all. 
In some cases, some of your items for the wedding you maybe able to reuse so don't be too rash at getting rid of them. For example, keep family place cards to use at a dinner celebration. Table runners and bunting could be re-used for a birthday party. Decorations could be jazzed up for the Christmas holidays. If you brought a drinks cart for your wedding cocktails then use it in your home for future celebrations. Re-use table plan frames for photographs or a notice board. You get the idea! With weddings looking to be more eco-friendly into the future, this way you are carrying it through to do your part for the environment. 
Sell Wedding Items
To claw back some of the money you spent on the the big day, you may want to sell some of your purchases, after all, you only used them once so they should be in really good condition still. For example, you will have more than one table number holder and table centrepieces, or tea lights, so why not offer them in bulk to other couples looking for these items on facebook groups or other selling platforms.
Write Reviews
It is nice to give your feedback about your experience with a supplier, not only does it let them know you were happy with their service or product, it lets other couples know what is like to work with them. 
Perserve Items
You may want to keep some items of the wedding, you may be keeping your dress to re-use in the future, therefore take it to be cleaned before storing it away. You may want your floral bouquet preserved so have a word with your florist before hand. You may also have lots of little things you will want to keep that are memories of the day. Such as, a horseshoe, wooden spoon, the cork off your toast bottle, cufflinks, buttonholes, garter, a corsage, so why not create a memory box to keep them in to look at every anniversary you celebrate or display them in a shadow box in your home. If you have a wedding cake you may also like to preserve a tier so you can use it to celebrate your first anniversary with.
Plan something new
After spending months, maybe years on planning you will no doubt feel a little lost when the wedding day is over. Which is totally normal so don't worry about feeling a little low afterwards. You may want to have a break from planning anything as you put so much energy into the wedding. But if you feel like it then start a new project, you maybe renovating your new home you have together, or perhaps re-decorate your bedroom to mark this new chapter. Start a new hobby, so you have something to do to on a regular basis, that you can look forward to and spend time together doing something fun. Or you may want to plan ahead to celebrate your first anniversary together. 
I hope this has helped you slowly merge out of planning mode and enjoy married life together. 
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