7 Advantages of hiring props for your wedding

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on July 18 2022

When thinking about what you are going to need for your wedding decor, you may have come across the option to hire props to help you create the style you are going for. Before you dive into buying loads of things for your wedding, I wanted to let you know all the advantages there are for hiring them instead. 

The Latest Trends

When looking to hire items for your wedding from a supplier, they will stock props that are for the latest wedding trends. This is due to limited space and demand from couples which leads the wedding industry. They stock the items that never go out of style and also what is most current. Meaning, any props you choose to hire, you can be confident knowing they will be modern and up to date with the current looks and styles.

Budget Friendly

Hiring props is most certainly cheaper than buying them yourselves. If you're on a tight budget, hiring props is definately worth the consideration. It is worth asking for quotes on any large quanities you may need to help bring prices down. In some cases wedding stylists and prop hire companies may offer package deals if you need to hire lots of items to help you decorate. This can often work out much better for you if on a tighter budget.

Better Quality 

Of course there are lots of props available in the shops you can buy. Supermarkets even sell wedding decor these days! But I have seen it first hand myself and let me tell you it is very poor quality. Half the stuff I have picked up and viewed myself isn't even put together that well, there is no care and pride in these cheap products that are mass produced. My advice is to not waste any money on these items as they are cheap for a reason. Your wedding day is special and deserves the best you can afford.
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One of a Kind

The most amazing thing about hiring props is that you are very likely to find all sorts of decor pieces that are one of a kind. And most defiantely not available in the shops!! Items that you may not of even thought about will be available to you, and open you up to many more ideas. Many prop companies and creative stylists offer a bespoke prop hire service, where you can have something especially made just for your wedding. After all why would you have the same as every one else, and this way it can be tailored to your wedding style, colours and vibe. Which a very exciting prospect! If you would like to read more about my bespoke prop service you can take a closer look here >>>

Set Up Included

Depending on who you are hiring props from, will depend on what services they include too. Some prop companies may charge for the items to be delivered, and setting them up themselves will be included in the price. Where as others may work like a drop off and pick up service, meaning you will have to move the items yourself when they are dropped off, then make sure they are ready to collect when pick up is arranged for. Wedding stylists who offer prop hire, like myself, will also offer a set up service as well. So, its definately worth taking some time to factor in this kind of thing when you're on the hunt!

Space Saver

 Another benefit of hiring props and not buying them is, you won't have to store them around your home, before the big day. Depending on how big your wedding is, buying wedding props will definately take over your home whether you like it or not. If you don't have much spare room in your house, hiring them is the answer to your prayers!

Less Hassle 

This also goes for after the wedding day, when you are finished with everything. You will have less to get rid of yourself which means less hassle in the long run. When hiring props they are collected after the wedding and you don't have to store them in your house until you get round to selling them yourself.


If you are buying things you know you won't need after the wedding, then it's wise to take some time to consider whether you could hire that instead. This is great for couples who are eco-conscious, as it can be very wasteful buying things where there is a chance they will end up in landfill.


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