Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones

Rea Shaw a to z gift ideas note cards set

The Brand NEW 'A to Z Love Note Set' is the perfect little gift to present to your loved one. Fill in each of the 26 letters of the alphabet with your own message to make them smile. Personalised with their name on the marbled front cover will make the perfect keepsake. With over 30 colour foils to choose from you are clearly spoilt for choice to make this set suit the recipient.
I have put together some ideas of what you could write on the cards to help inspire you below.
A is for..
The adventures we have together.
B is for..
You are brilliant!
C is for..
You complete me
D is for..
You are my dream come true!
E is for..
Your eyes sparkle with love
F is for..
You are my best friend
G is for..
Being utterly gorgeous 
H is for..
How happy you make me
I is for..
You inspire me to do better
J is for..
How much joy you bring
K is for..
You are kind with your words and actions
L is for..
Making me laugh everyday
M is for..
Making more memories together
N is for..
Theres no-one like you
O is for..
We are so open with each other
P is for..
Your positive approach to life
Q is for..
All the quirky things you do
R is for..
The respect we have for each other
S is for..
Your lovely smile
T is for.. 
I trust you with everything
U is for..
Your understanding
V is for..
You make me feel valued
W is for..
Waking up next to you every morning
X is for..
All your kisses you give xx
Y is for..
 You mean everything to me
Z is for..
I love you zillions
If you would like to get your hands on one of these sets then you can find them here.

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