5 Top Tips for Styling your wedding tables

Rea Shaw

If your wondering where to start with styling your tables for your big day, here are some pointers to help you achieve the look you are after.
1. Commit to a colour theme
Too many colours going on can be too busy for the eye, stick to a colour theme throughout your decor to compliment the feel of the day. Seasons come into play when styling, bringing nature inside helps to enhance the time of year your getting married.

2. Think about the atmosphere you are trying to create
Whether it be Romantic & Dreamy or a Fun & Fresh vibe think about how you want your guests to feel as they walk into the venue. Making them feel welcome and relaxed is a vital ingredient for happy family and friends.

3. Remember height on the tables not just width.
Flowers with height make statement pieces, they work well making the most out of smaller tables, and high ceilings can take the impact of higher decorations. Work with what you have in a clever way.

4. Try not to Overload Table Décor
It is quite easy to get carried away with your table decorations as there are so many beautiful and inspiring décor ideas, so you may have to rein yourself in! Overloading your tables with lots of beautiful pieces will look very busy and full, remember you have to fit all your cutlery and the glassware on there too! Remember less is more, make more of a stunning impact with selective décor that will draw the eye. Getting sizing of your tables from the venue will allow you to play before the day, getting it just right.

5. Have fun with it!
Use your imagination. Be creative. If that doesn't come naturally the internet is a great source to start to inspire you. Look at an idea and adapt it to suit you. This is after all the fun part of the wedding, where the style of the day will have it's most impact on your guests. You want your décor to be a talking point, to wow them, wonder how you achieved it, where it was all from. Have little elements of surprise perhaps, this maybe in your favours, a personalised gift for them. They are sat there for the whole meal so going above and beyond to make them feel special will not go unnoticed.
If you would like to see designs that will bring your tables to life, please see table numbers here Menus here and place cards here.

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