2024 Wedding Decor Trends

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on October 17 2023

Every year, I absolutely love looking at the trends when it comes to wedding decorations. Taking a deep dive into what couples have been embracing is so interesting to me. Things move so fast in the wedding industry, so it's so important to keep up to date with what's new. A lot of the trends are led by what stylists are producing, but most importantly what couples are choosing to include to help them bring their vision to life. It's important to say at this point, trends are there as a guide, it's just to inform you what is really popular right now. So please take what feels right for you and your day, and leave the rest if it doesn't align with you. If you're planning for your day for 2024-2025 grab a note book and pen as you may want to save some of these ideas to use yourself.

Colour Trends

Personally I am so pleased to see more colour in weddings because I see this as the perfect way to express yourselves. We are seeing amazing colour combinations, and striking colour clashes everywhere. It's so inspiring to see stylists and couples experimenting with playful creations. Sometimes though, when we hear the word 'colour', we immediately visualise bright, vivid and bold, but this definately doesn't have to be the case. I am a huge fan of lots of greenery and earthy tones, but how can you make this more colourful without it feeling too much? Simply by adding lots of warmth with fun colours which still feels like a pleasing palette to me. If you want to tone down any colours you like so it's not so in face, opt for muted tones or pastels. And if you fancy just a little bit of colour, why not add it with your stationery, or pop a coloured napkin on your plates or choose some coloured bud vases on your tables.  If you're not sure how to best inject the colours you like,  you might want some help with it all, you can read more about that here.


colourful wedding table



Personally I think we are going to be seeing much more pattern within wedding designs appearing or at least it's what I am going to experimenting with moving forward. Pattern can most certainly add tons of interest and character and it's so under used at the moment. Seeing as colour is growing in popularity the next level would naturally be adding patterns to a design. You add add this with napkins, runners and your stationery elements. It's a sure way to up level a design if done well.

patterned wedding napkins


Large Installations

Couples want to make a statement and one thing they are focused on is having those wow pieces for there key moments to be brought alive throughout their day. With outdoor ceremony's being so popular now, couples want the backdrop to be spectacular and frame their big moment. With are seeing all sorts of stunning displays, from flower arches, to tropical trellis to statement shapes.


tropical backdrop


Ceiling Decor

I absolutely love creating ceiling decor I have to admit, to me the space feels more considered and finished. It helps bring all the design elements together too. I feel like this is even more important when you have a high ceiling, as it can help you bring back an intimate vibe into the room. It's particularly effective when you have lots of white space to fill, as the space could look seriously under decorated. It is more visually pleasing on the eye and adds that wow factor instantly which is what couples are looking for when guests walk into the room.

wooden ladder with seagrass lampshades


disco hanging decoration

 Plant Decor

Modern couples are embracing trends that help with the environment, and one fantastic way of doing this is to use plants to style your venue instead of buying a load of real flowers that will just die afterwards and you'll have to throw away. Plants will live for ever as long as you look after them so there is zero waste, especially if you hire them from a stylist like myself, as this is something I offer. Plants have been trending in our home since covid times, when there was a craving for nature in our homes. They are trending big time in weddings because they look stunning, they can really give you something different to get excited about.

welcome sign with plants


Disco Balls

I hope your not sick of disco balls because they are definately here to stay. I think they are so fun at a wedding and add something special. Paired with dried flowers or lush greenery I think really shows them off. They are so versatile, by using them as hanging ceiling decor to floor arrangements to adding mini mirror balls to your place settings. You can literally use them everywhere. I tend to use this rule, more is more when it comes to disco vibes!!!

disco balls dried floor arrangement


Black Metal Decor

Black metal decor is so stylish and modern and I flipping love it. Never mind that's it trending, it is my go to when designing new props. Do you want to know why? Black simply goes with everything, it never goes out of fashion, unlike rose gold did a few years back. From stylish display frames to sleek candle stick holders, you can get the all important key decorations in black metal now, and this makes styling cohesive.


Photo Walls

Making sure your guests have a memorable experience is at the top of couples priority list. If your guests are having fun, so will you, if your guests are laughing and enjoying themselves, so will you. Photo walls are the must have decor piece to help liven up your evening at your reception. It will be an interactive event your guests can get involved in, to create unforgettable memories with you to cherish forever. With guests wanting to share moments with you on social media, this is where your guests will be hanging out for photo opportunities and fun selfies.



greenery photo wall


I hope you have enjoyed reading all about these decor trends and use whatever takes your fancy. Remember, only see them as a guide and to use only what aligns with your style as a couple.

If you need some help figuring all this out, like, what your colour palette should be, what decor to choose, and how to make it more personal, you may be interested in my styling services where we can delve deep into your vision. You can read more here >> 


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