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You have spent a good amount of time planning your wedding day, but it doesn't matter how organised you feel, I can guarantee you will of forgotten about something. And that is totally ok, but I thought I would help you not forget some of the common things couples overlook.
Bridal gown fitting
When looking for your wedding dress remember it is highly likely it will not fit you perfectly straight off the peg. So remember to leave plenty of time for several dress fittings. Consider the amount of work that it will take a seamstress to do the alterations. Dresses with lots of detail such as diamantes and embroidery take longer to alter.
Getting ready outfit
If your photographer is arriving in the morning when you will be getting ready whilst having your hair and make up done. It is wise to think about your outfit before hand. It is popular for the bridal party to wear matching robes or posh pyjamas, this way the photos will be more uniform and you could match your colour theme so it is pleasing on the eye with looking through your photo album.
Dress Hangers 
This is a small detail but one that is often overlooked. You have your beautiful dresses so you will want a beautiful hanger to put them on. The photographer will want to get photos of the dress before you get ready, so you want it to look nice. You can buy personalised ones or you could make them yourself quite cheaply if you love a bit of diy.
New Shoes
If you have brought new shoes for the wedding, be sure to bed them in first as you don't want a blister within the first hour!
Comfy Shoes
If your opting for heels to wear for your wedding ceremony then chances are your feet are going to ache by the time your ready for a dance in the evening. So remember to bring a flat pair of comfy shoes to change into, so you can dance the night away.
Account for bad weather
Always have a Plan B, especially if you are getting married outside. Here in the UK the weather is so temperamental so it is advisable to have backup plans in place, for example if it rains and you were planning on photographs outside, do you have a pretty umbrella at hand to use so you can still go ahead, or is there an alternate area to do this inside.
It is easy to forget suitable signage at your wedding ceremony indicating to your guests to not take photos and post them on social media platforms before your wedding day is over. Some guests may need a reminder so a polite sign will let your guests know it is impolite. 
Have a team
If you are doing the wedding yourselves and decorating the venue, everything will need to be taken down the next day, or in some cases the same evening. So have a team of close family or friends that will help you tidy up. If you give each helper their own task you will crack on much quicker. The same goes for if you have it in a venue that will clear away for you once it is all over. Make sure you have your own team to collect all the items you need to take with you. Such as your table decorations, your guest book and your cards & gifts from guests. 

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Change of clothes
Whether you are helping to take down your wedding venue decorations or going straight off on your honeymoon. Remember a change of comfy clothes to put on to make the job more comfortable.
If you are going on honeymoon the very next day, make sure to pack your suitcase  at least a week or so before hand. You will be on such a high being newly wed and not have time to start packing when you get home. Plus you don't want to forget anything.
Thank you's
With so much to do before the wedding it is easy to forget to thank important people, especially the vendors. Most suppliers when involved in your wedding will go beyond their own duties, so remember to show your gratitude.
When sorting out your menu for the wedding, consider if any of your guests have dietary requirements or allergies. If so report them to the catering team. It may be a good idea to include this on the invitation so there are no surprises on the day.
Look after your suppliers
Just because your suppliers have been to a wedding or two in there time, doesn't mean you can leave them to it! Chat with them about your expectations, ask if they need anything, make sure they have been to the venue, chat with your photographer about the photos you would like. Also remember to feed them. They are working very hard so make sure you include them at dinner.
Look after yourself
With all the goings on, floating from one thing to the next, photos, chatting to guests etc, it's important not to forget to eat and drink. The last thing you want is a drama because you fainted!
Make a 'do-not/ play list
If your having a DJ in the evening, there maybe songs you hate hearing at a wedding, songs that give the wrong vibe. So be sure to give your DJ a list of music not to play.
Suppliers Details
Keep your vendors phone numbers at hand, just in case you need them for any reason. Provide a list to a member of the bridal party to keep safe so you don't have to worry about it. It can be part of their duties.
Emergency Kit
It is a good idea to have an emergency kit on stand by for a 'just in case' scenario. Anything from plasters, to heave tablets, to double sided tape and a sewing kit. It may come in handy to get anyone out of a sticky situation.
You're so focused on making sure your guests arrive to the venue ok that you may forget what happens after. If your reception is in a different location can your guests walk, can they share cars, or have you sorted a bus to take your guests to the next setting. 
Allow extra time
Thinking your wedding timeline is going to work like clockwork without a hitch is a little naive. So work in extra time here and there incase some aspects of the day run over what you allowed.
If you are in a perfect location for watching the sunset, why not keep your photographer a little longer and take some more photographs. You could even plan your wedding day so it hits this time depending on what time of year your getting married. It will also make a very romantic moment for just the two of you and the end of your perfect day.

I hope this has helped, if you happened to of missed them.



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