11 Ways how to make your wedding fun

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on July 13 2020

Thinking about making your wedding more fun will make your day more unique and definitely more memorable. The different things you could do will help your day come alive and it's a chance to add more of your personalities. You don't want your day to look like anyone's else before you, so think about what YOU could do to make it different. I have put together a few amazing ideas that are very simple but will create the fun results you are looking for. Let's Go!!


Who doesn't love a surprise? Choose something that you can keep from your guests until it happens. It is a great way to add more fun, if not only to see the shock on their faces! lol! It may be a huge thing, like keeping the venue under wraps until they get there, you could take them on a mystery tour. Or it may be a family surprise, maybe some relatives could say that can't make the wedding, then you can fly them over specially! Some couples even go as far as not telling the guests its a wedding, and telling them its a party for a different celebration. Now wouldn't that be a fun surprise! This is definately becoming more popular with couples approaching there wedding differently.


If you can't think about a big surprise to pull off, maybe adding in smaller surprises are more your thing. I have a lovely little idea that you can incorporate on your wedding tables. What about fold up menu cards, consealing inside a special message for each guest. When your guests spot them they will dying to open them!

You take a closer look at these Rustic Fold Out Menus Here>> 

DIY Confetti Toss Station

Set up an interactive confetti station, where your guests can fill their own cones ready for your exit as newlyweds. Guests love a bit of playfulness so make it a unique display.

I have a great idea to help you make a fun confetti station with these self assemble confetti cones. Below is a step by step video to help you create them using the Diy Kit  from my shop.

You can purchase the Confetti Cone Kit here >

A Fun Table Plan

Getting creative with your table plan gives you a chance to add an element of  fun. Focus on how you can make it unique, using your style and personalities to bring it to life.

Botanical Table Plan Cards >>

Unique Decor Display

Give your guests something to talk about, and wow them with your decor pieces. Making the entrance fun and unique will make them buzzing with excitement to see what else is in store. Give them something unexpected like styling up your dance floor area with fun signage, like this fabric sign below that  you can hire for your wedding day. 

Check out the Dance Floor Sign in more detail >>

Add Disco Balls

The easiest way to add some fun into your wedding is to add some disco balls to your wedding. They ooze the fun factor, and can be used in many different ways. Whether it is on your tables for decoration, on your dance floor for partying or for fun props to use in a photo booth area.

wedding disco balls

Arrive in Style

Arrive to the ceremony in your own fun way. Ditch the usual Rolls Royce and think of more non traditional modes of transport that will that will make it more fun, it may even help calm any nerves as you'll be too busy enjoying yourself.


Non traditional attire

If you would like to add more fun to your wedding you possibly would be suited to a more informal wedding, where a relaxed vibe is what your after. So attire is a great place to start, you can still look like newlyweds but opt for non traditional attire instead. A more casual suit perhaps with no tie, and a bridal gown with colour are great ideas. 

Food Trucks

It is very popular to have a food truck at your wedding, whether it is for your main meal or an evening nibble. This is a great way to make your wedding fun, guests absolutely love them. They love going up to order what they want and tucking in. It could be pizza, fish 'n' chips or kebabs. Or you may want one as a drinks bar, or an ice-cream van. Stick with what you love to eat, and your guests will love it too!


Who doesn't want to see your pets join in on your wedding day. This will certainly add some fun as they are cute and cuddly and unpredictable too! Guests will love it and they will make a great talking point.

Choreographed/ FlashMobs

More couples are making their first dance more memorable. You could come up with your own routine which your guests will love. Or go all out and get your wedding party members to join in and organise a flash mob. This will be great fun if you practice ahead of time to get it right, and will make your wedding day very memorable for the guests.

Unique Exits

In order to leave your wedding in style, ditch the idea of riding off into the sunset with a traditional method, like a flash car. Think of something out the box, what about a rickshaw ride, a scooter, a camper van, or something way out like organising a hot air balloon ride.
I hope these ideas has sparked your imagination, so that you can concentrate of making your wedding more fun.

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