10 essential questions to ask your wedding photographer

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Once you have hunted down the right photographer for you you may like to have a list of questions you may like to send them by email, I have put together a list of go to questions that may come in handy.
Have you ever shot at the venue before?
Although it is not essential that the photographer has been to the location before, it does give them a head start. If they have not been before they will be likely to take a trip there to suss it out, so they can see where great photos could be taken. 
How many hours are included in the packge?
It is essential to know exact how long your photographer is going to be around for the day. If you would like photos taken in the evening then make sure you let your photographer know this.
How many photographs will I receive?
Your photographer will be busy snapping away all day long, so of course you will not receive ALL the photos that they take, this would be way to many! Your photographer will edit the photos they are most happy with, so the number will vary from pro to pro.
How long after the wedding should I receive my photos?
Expect to wait a few weeks to a few months, as again all photographers work differently. Also consider what time of year your getting married, if it is peak summer time, your photographer will likely have a wedding every weekend to attend. You wouldn't want them to rush all there hard work so do be patient.
How will I receive my images?
It is important to ask how you will receive your images for viewing. Will you be able to view on their website with password protection for your guests to choose photos for albums or other products. Or will they use drop box, or send on an USB to treasure forever so you can print off as you wish.
Is an album included?
Ask if the price includes a photo album or is this extra. There may be different deals if you would like several creating for family members too.
What happens if you are not well on the day or if there an emergency?
A maybe award question, as it is unlikely this would happen, but asking if they have a Plan B wouldn't hurt. 
How much of a deposit will I need and when will it be due?
An often overlooked question, you want to know when they will want paying so you can plan your budget.
What information will I need to give you before the day?
There will maybe things they need to ask you, each photographer has there preferences. A common one will be "Is there any shots you would like me to take?" They will maybe ask about family and bridal party numbers.
Can I request certain images to be taken?
Most photographers are quite flexible in their ways of working, so I am sure requesting certain photos they will be happy to do this. However when you are  involving other guests, just be mindful of not taking too many, as guests get tired of posing, and photographers can feel a little awkard asking, as guests just want to relax and enjoy the day. Key thing to ask is 'will I really want this photo when the day is over'. Sometimes it is better to put trust the professional and let them do their job, sometimes the more natural shots of the guests mingling are the best ones.

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