10 Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Rea Shaw bridal shower

If your thinking of hosting a bridal shower for the Bride to Be, then you may want to consider a theme to help bring it to life. There are so many out there to choose from so I have put together a few tips below on helping you decide before we take a look at them more closely.
Top Tips for choosing on a theme
1. Choose a theme the bride to be will love and suit her personality. Don't pick a theme just because it is trending at that time. Maybe think about what the bride to be and her future husband like to do together and start from there. 
2. Consider what time of year and season you are hosting the shower. This will determine the colours and styling for your decor.
3. Consider the vibe you want to create for the shower. If it is nice and relaxed you are after, make sure your theme compliments this. Ask yourself if the amount of guests you have attending works well with your theme too.
Afternoon Tea
A fun and whimsical theme would be Alice in Wonderland at the Mad Hatters tea party. As long as your guests aren't late to the shower you can enjoy tea, finger sandwiches and mini cake treats. Favours can include "Eat Me, Drink Me" Tags for your guests to take home.
She's been Scooped up!
A fun ice-cream shower would be ideal for a late spring - summer shower. Serve different flavour ice-creams and let your guests choose there own toppings. Decor can include pastel shades with balloons and a neon sign.
Rose All Day
A sophiscated shower for the bride to be who loves Rose, use rose gold decor to compliment the theme. 
Paris Theme
You can't get more romantic and elegant than a Parisian theme. The happy couple may have got engaged under the eiffel tower or they maybe taking a trip for their honeymoon. Whether you have subtle touches or you go the whole hog with flowers and patisserie treats, a girly bride to be will adore this theme.
A fantastic summer theme for the bride to be who loves bold and bright colour. Serve exotic fruits and tropical drinks and you can experiment with your decor.
Enchanted Garden
Create a sophisticated garden party with elegant touches. Decorate with floral bunting and umbrellas for a feminine vibe.
Friends Inspired
If the bride to be can quote most of the episodes from friends, I think we can safely say she is a fan! Serve coffee and muffins and have a good old natter on your sofa.
Brunch & Bubbly
This theme is casual but classy. Have a mid morning breakfast style buffet like a waffle bar or pancakes with choices of toppings for your guests, and a glass of bubbly in the other hand to celebrate.
Breakfast at Tiffany's
If the bride to be love a bit of bling, then this them would be perfect for her. With a turquoise, white and black colour theme to stick to you can't can't wrong. The bride to be could wear a little black dress like Audrey Hepburn and decorate with plenty of diamontes. 
If you love Disney films and always wanted to be a princess for the day then a disney theme could be well suited to you. Movie quote quizzes and Micky Mouse shaped desserts will help bring it to life.
The good news is that there is tons of inspiration out there. Just search your chosen theme on Pinterest to get more inspiration on how you can bring it to life.
If you would like more tips on how to plan a bridal shower you may find this blog post helpful

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